Blamo H. Klah

Meet Blamo H. Klah, the enthusiastic Principal of Tarplah Town Elementary School in Grand Kru County, who embraces helping to inspire his school’s pupils every single day!

Almost 150 pupils attend the school, and with new technologies being presented constantly and improved training of teachers, the levels of education amongst pupils has been evident.

Teachers have been provided more support from the LEAP program to plan class lessons, helping pupils to learn relevant knowledge that will undoubtedly help them in years to come.

Klah has shown his appreciation for the vast efforts taken by the LEAP program to improve pupils’ education all across the country, and is immensely proud of the impact this has had on the pupils themselves.

As a token of appreciation for the work that both Principal Klah and the LEAP program have done in improving education, parents even volunteer to cook lunch meals for pupils as opposed to school staff.

Klah looks forward to being introduced to more new technologies that will enhance education, and can’t wait to see the positive impact this will continue to have on all members of his school!