Victoria Bargblor

Victoria is a kindergarten teacher who enjoys going to the classroom everyday to teach her students and engage with them.

She has 5 children. The oldest is 19 years and is in college in Monrovia. The others are 16,14,9 and 6 years respectively. Two are in the Gborbho Central High school where she is teaching, a Bridge Liberia supported school.

She lives in a big community with her family in a 7 occupant household in the Cavalla District in G. Gedeh County.

Her income is not specific because she’s a volunteer teacher but also does farming for additional income to help support her family.

She feels proud when her students are able to recognize her in the community outside of school and speak to her with joy, especially when they are with their parents.

Victoria is glad that Bridge Liberia is supporting Government schools. She thinks Bridge Liberia is helping to transform the education sector with the introduction of technology which helps with lesson planning, and tracking of attendance easier. As a teacher, she thinks the teacher tablets will save time that she will use to do other family activities.

Year End Goals:

I want to build on the skills I got from the teachers training to improve as a teacher.

I want for more girls in my class to excel this year.