Patricia Dweh

Meet Patricia Dweh – mother to six children! Some of them are at JT Nimely, a nursery and kindergarten, while the others are at PG Wollor, the corresponding primary school. The schools are just a few minutes apart from each other in Grand Cess, Grand Kru County.

Patricia works in Barclayville, across the other side of the county. She often returns to Grand Cess at weekends but when she’s away the children are taken care of by their grandmother.

Since the schools joined the LEAP program, Patricia has seen a real transformation in her children. “They now wake up every morning excited and happy for another school day” she smiles.

Patricia and her husband are optimistic about what’s ahead – thanks to their children’s schooling, they now see a bright future for the family. She hopes that her children will continue to follow their dreams.