Miata Sorsor

Miata is a passionate teacher who is driven by the relationship she has with her students and colleagues.

Miata is a 37 year old 3rd grade teacher who teaches at the Bridge Liberia supported school, InTouch Public School. She also have an 8 year old son who’ve been in the school for 3 years.

Miata appreciates the support she gets from Bridge Liberia, saying “the entire teaching process is revamped, everything is smooth now”. She continued, “I spend less time preparing for the classroom, and more time engaging with my children”.

“I think parents are happy to send their kids back to school because of Bridge Liberia’s support. Before it was difficult to have children coming in because of the high tuition, but now there is an influx of students.”

“The children are also very happy to be back even wanting to stay at the school after school hours.”

“I personally and so glad to be back in school, because I can really miss my kids. For example on Sundays, I long for the day to be over so I can head back to the classroom on Monday.”