Darious Gray

Darious Gray is a Learning & Development Supervisor (L&D Supervisor) with Bridge Liberia in Maryland County, south-east Liberia. Since moving from his old government school to a Bridge Liberia school, Darious has seen significant differences in the learning outcomes of his pupils.

He says: “As a Bridge teacher my job is not to just go to write notes on the board and test my pupils. My job is to create all the necessary conditions for the children to learn.”

One thing he is passionate about is ensuring his pupils are fully equipped to go on fully realize their potential. His passion for teaching and learning shines through, as he says: “I am immensely proud when I see my students finding the answers for themselves and reinforcing their own learning.”

In recognition of his outstanding efforts, Darious was promoted to be an L&D Supervisor, meaning he is responsible for the quality of learning in many schools. He plans to spread his love and passion for teaching throughout south-east Liberia.