Beatrice Blamo

Meet Beatrice Blamo – she has six children enrolled at Tarplah Town Public School, which is part of the LEAP program.

Beatrice is a big advocate for Bridge, and says that her children are learning much more than before. She thinks this is due to the fact that teachers are now regularly in class – which wasn’t the case before, she explains.

Beatrice has thrown herself into the Bridge family, by being one of the volunteers who cooks the meals provided by the World Food Project. She says this is her way to give back to the school – she says it has done huge amounts for children in her rural community.

Her six children now have free education, including free school meals and uniforms. It has been a massive relief to Beatrice and her family.

She hopes that they will go on to do great things. Beatrice has ambitions of them becoming nurses, teachers and doctors. Good luck to the whole Blamo family – we’re sure the future holds bright things!