Annie Nimely

Mother-of-three Annie Nimely lives in Grand Kru county in Liberia. Sadly, her husband passed away recently, leaving Annie to fend for herself and her three daughters alone.

Margarett (13), Alice (14), and Ida (15) attend Glebo Elementary School, a Liberian school managed by the LEAP program. For Margarett, it’s been a massive help – free education and a meal on campus has helped to relieve some of the financial strain on her family.

The three girls (two in Grade Four and one in Grade Five) are making the most of the opportunity: they consider education to be their best chance at a happy and independent future.

Annie is extremely proud of their attitude and the improvements they are making. Their ambitions are varied, from health to education and agriculture. However, they all share common values of hard work and discipline. Good luck girls, we’re sure you’ll go far!