Aminata Kamara

Aminata (above left) is the proud mother to two girls; Rachel, five-years-old (centre) and Felecia, eight-years-old (right). She sells spaghetti and other food at the local market: “We all get up at 5 am to do house work before my children get ready for school. It’s a long walk, we arrive at 7 am and I work in the market all day while they are at school,” says Aminata.

She adds: “The learning is very good, the teaching is steady and the whole class is motivated to learn. Rachel loves spelling and play time, and Felecia is always reading when she can. They are both very happy at school. They’ve made lots of friends.”

When the school day is over, they all walk home together. Her girls talk excitedly about what they’ve learned that day as soon as they’re home, they sit down to do their homework and plan their next day of learning.

Aminata says with a smile, “I’m proud to have my children in school. I think they’ll be lawyers when they’re older; even my friends and neighbors ask how they’re getting on.”