Nimba County Education Officer extols Bridge Liberia for effective monitoring of schools in Nimba

Bridge Liberia, one of the Government of Liberia’s partners in the education sector supporting public schools to  improve learning and teaching, has been commended by the County Education Officer of Nimba, Moses Dologbay, for its model of monitoring and supervision at its supported schools in Nimba County. 

According to Mr. Dologbay, the Bridge Liberia approach of monitoring schools has ensured teachers, students and school administrators at supported schools attend classes every school day, as well as teachers  deliver learning materials as required.

In addition to providing a teaching tablet to all teachers and school administrators, which serves as a monitoring device for attendance and lesson delivery, Bridge Liberia schools supervisors also visit supported schools daily, to ensure compliance and mitigate whatever situation that may arise at the various schools.

With thirteen educational districts, Nimba County hosts over one hundred of the three hundred and fifty schools allotted to Bridge Liberia by the Ministry of Education for support, thus prompting the need for such rigorous monitoring.

Mr. Dologbay, who monitors and supervises all education activities as the County Education Officer, has been keen on ensuring partners to the Ministry of Education in the county work with schools and district education officers to  monitor and supervise various schools, something he is commending Bridge Liberia for.

The social enterprise is keen on significantly improving learning for students in public schools, thereby helping to give them a better future.

Education Minister Prof. D. Ansu Sonii is currently travelling across the country inspecting schools, as part of the plans to properly monitor schools and  make improvements in the education system.

Monitoring and supervision is one of the challenges the Ministry of Education is tackling as a way to improve the quality of education at public schools in the country.

Such physical and technological monitoring has been part of Bridge Liberia model of learning since 2016, when the social enterprise signed the partnership with the Liberian Government.