#MyBridge to a Brighter Future

Bridge is giving a global voice to African and Indian parents, teachers and pupils who live in some of the poorest communities in the world.

Through #MyBridge, we want to draw attention to the global education crisis:

  • 263 million children and young people are out of school
  • 330 million are in school but not learning
  • 69 million more teachers are needed to achieve the 2030 UN Education Goal

A series of new, empowering films tell the stories of the mothers, fathers, and teachers who are determined to craft a better life for their children, their pupils and themselves. Through education they can escape the poverty cycle.

These films enable parents, teachers and pupils to be heard beyond the places in which they live. Their experiences should be the most important voices in conversations about education reform. However, they often get lost in the global debate about the serious shortage of education provision in low and middle-income countries.