Philosophy of Teaching and Methods

Teaching is a challenging profession and Bridge Liberia believes that all teachers need training and ongoing support once they’re in the classroom. Bridge Liberia believes that a great education is not possible without a great teacher. Great teachers change the lives of their students.

Bridge Liberia has a core teacher training philosophy which is focussed on ‘the big four essential teaching skills.’  

These skills are focused on what Bridge Liberia believes to be the four essentials of effective teaching:

  1. Learning to follow the teacher guides to deliver effective lessons;
  2. Checking on each and every child’s learning;
  3. Responding with feedback that accelerates student learning outcomes, and;
  4. Motivating students towards good behaviour and academic effort.

It is through the lens of these ‘big four’ critical teaching skills and associated teaching techniques that teachers learn the approaches and techniques necessary to teach effectively in every lesson, every day. Bridge Liberia teacher training gives all teachers an opportunity to deep dive into each of these techniques and—crucially—to practice them.


Using Teacher Guides


Checking in on every students work


Responding with clear feedback


Motivating all students’ to behave and work hard