Bridge Liberia trains Government Education Officers for effective schools monitoring

Government Education Officers are currently undergoing training to enable them to efficiently monitor teachers, principals, and other school leaders at Bridge Liberia-supported schools across the country.


The training, which is divided into 3 clusters, targets Government County and District Education Officers who have a direct mandate to ensure quality assurance at these schools.

The Bridge Liberia education model has monitoring and supervision at its core with both human and technology delivering on this task.
The social enterprise, supporting the Liberian Education sector provides a teaching tablet to all teachers and school administrators, which serves as a monitoring device for attendance and lesson delivery in addition to school supervisors who conduct daily monitoring at these schools.

Teachers and school leaders supported by Bridge Liberia are trained in specific classroom management techniques, praise, and technology-based teaching methods to improve teaching and learning in schools across the country, a digital approach supported by the government to improve learning in public schools.

Education Officers monitoring these schools will have a deeper understanding of the various applications used to track the performance of teachers, principals, and other school leaders in the Bridge Liberia ecosystem.

Education Officers will now understand how learning should be conducted at all Bridge Liberia-managed schools and know what to look out for when holding school leaders accountable for attendance, and lesson delivery, among other key performance indicators that improve learning.